How Do I Level My Travel Trailer?

How To Level Your Towable Manually Put Your Bubble Level to Use. Try to position yourself as level as you can from left to right as you draw into your campground. Put up blocks. Grab your set of blocks if you aren’t level. Wheels Chocking Unhitch. Put Your Bubble Level to Use. Jack adjustment Stabilize

Similarly, What is the easiest way to level a travel trailer?

Placing the level on the trailer tongue is the simplest method to do this. This will reveal if one side is higher than the other, allowing you to decide which side to elevate. Put boards or leveling blocks under the wheels you need to lift after determining whether side is too low.

Also, it is asked, What do I need to level my travel trailer?

Here are a few ideas we have: Jack pads, leveling blocks, and levelers. Chocking tires Stand for the tongue. Floating Level. both LevelMatePRO and LevelMatePRO+ (recommended upgrade) (1) If at all feasible, locate the flattest parking space. (2) Align the sides of your trailer. (3) Chock the travel trailer’s tires.

Secondly, What happens if RV is not level?

Your tank sensors won’t function properly if your RV isn’t level. Your sensors may register as more full or empty than they really are depending on the slope. By not allowing all of your tanks to empty, this might potentially influence drainage.

Also, Do you need leveling blocks for travel trailer?

If you travel in an RV, you must bring leveling blocks. You have no way of knowing exactly what your site will look like before you go on a vacation. No matter where the road takes you, RV leveling blocks optimize comfort, utility, and safety.

People also ask, Can you use stabilizer jacks to level a trailer?

Just keep in mind that leveling your RV using the jacks might damage them. 1. Create a position where you can draw your trailer up onto the stabilizing jack pads using the pads. By doing this, you actually lift the tires off the ground a little bit, providing you a little more support and workspace.

Related Questions and Answers

Should travel trailers be level?

To increase stability, braking effectiveness, and ground clearance while towing, trailers should be level. Poor hauling characteristics like wobble and uneven tire wear may be avoided by using a level trailer. The next best solution, if a level trailer is not achievable, is to slightly lower the trailer’s nose.

Can you use a jack to level a camper?

With the stroke of a button, leveling is now possible with the majority of Class A motorhomes and certain towable RVs thanks to hydraulic or auto-leveling systems. These typically use hydraulic jacks to effortlessly elevate the low corners of your RV and make any changes that are necessary.

Should I store my travel trailer with the stabilizers down?

There is really no need to lower the stabilizer jacks while placing your camp trailer in storage. It makes no difference if the jacks are down when storing the trailer from a mechanical or structural aspect.

Should RV wheels be off the ground?

The tires shouldn’t be off the ground for an extended amount of time, as the response indicates. There is some ideal land where you can keep your RV without having to pull it off the ground.

Do 12 Volt RV refrigerators need to be level?

As long as they are within 2 degrees of level side to side and 4 degrees of level front to back, the majority of recreational refrigerators will operate as intended.

Do RV refrigerators have to be level?

Your RV’s refrigerator must be level in order to function correctly. A refrigerator that is inclined more than three degrees from level might sustain serious and long-lasting damage.

What do you put under RV jacks?

Good RV jack pads or Utility Blocks can level your RV while also dispersing the jack’s weight over a larger area and safeguarding the ground underneath. This is usually beneficial, but in rare cases it may be absolutely necessary to prevent an RV from sinking into the ground when it is only supported by jacks.

Should you put blocks under stabilizer jacks?

Should Stabilizer Jacks Have Blocks Underneath Them? The answer is that you should always place blocks beneath your stabilizer jacks. This not only safeguards your jacks but also the campground. Even some RV parks and campsites could need a barrier between your landing gear and the ground at the location.

Can I level my RV with scissor jacks?

On trailers, scissor jacks may be used as levelers or stabilizers. They just aren’t designed to elevate the trailer’s weight, which would restrict the amount of leveling they can do.

How do I stop my RV from rocking when parked?

The easiest approach to stop your travel trailer from swaying is to park it correctly and install stabilizers, wheel chocks, and leveling jacks to your RV as extra accessories.

Is it better to have the trailer tongue higher or lower?

The tongue weight is so low when a trailer is nose up excessively that the trailer may start to swing. In conclusion, level is ideal. If leveling is not an option, try dipping your nose slightly.

Why do people store RV with slides out?

Your RV will resemble a box with additional boxes protruding from its sides when you take them out, however. Slide outs are these extra boxes that provide you more room when you park your car. It not only guarantees comfort but also provides you with additional space for storing your items.

Should travel trailers be covered in the winter?

Dack advises spending money on an RV-specific cover if your RV will be left outdoors during the winter. The cover will shield the paint finish from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Additionally, it will shield your car from bird droppings, tree sap, and wind damage.


A “where to place levels on travel trailer” is a question that many people have. There are many ways to level your travel trailer, but the most common way is to make sure it’s level before you put wheels on it.

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