How Do I Get a Visa to Travel to India?

Application for an e-visa Apply on-line. Upload your passport page and photo. Online eVisa fee payment. using a debit/credit card or payment wallet. online ETA delivery. Your email will get an electronic travel authorization (ETA). Travel to India. To have your eVisa stamped in your passport, print off your ETA and submit it at the immigration checkpoint.

Similarly, How much does it cost to get a visa to visit India?

You must pay $25 for the Indian e-Tourist Visa (30 days – double entry). You must pay $80 for the Indian e-Business Visa (365 days – multiple entries). You must pay $80 for the Indian e-Medical Visa (60 days; triple entry).

Also, it is asked, How long does it take to get a visa for India?

Despite the fact that the processing period is typically 4 to 5 days, it’s also typical for applicants to acquire their visas within 24 hours of submitting their application. There is no need to physically visit an embassy or consulate.

Secondly, Is India allowing tourist visas from USA?

The Indian government has agreed to reinstate valid long-term (10-year) regular (paper) tourist visas for Americans with immediate effect. For US citizens, the ability to get new ordinary (paper) long-term tourist visas (10 years) has also been reinstated.

Also, What do you need to apply for a visa to India?

You will need a valid passport, an email account, and a debit or credit card, which are among the most crucial prerequisites. Verify the expiration date on your passport. requirements for personal information Name exactly as it is written on the passport. birthdate and location. Address and phone numbers passport information. Nationality.

People also ask, How long can I stay in India on a tourist visa?

30 days

Related Questions and Answers

How do I pay for my Indian visa application?

You must use a debit or credit card to pay the visa cost in order to properly submit your application for an India eVisa. A debit or credit card is acceptable. Ensure that the email address you provide is current since this is where your approved eVisa for India will be delivered when it has been correctly processed.

How much is an Indian visa for US citizens?

Online applications for e-Tourist and e-Business visas must be submitted at least 4 days prior to the intended arrival date. E – Visa. eTourist Visa for 30 days (during July to March) US$ 25.00 eTourist Visa for 30 days (April to June) US$ 10.00 e-Tourist Visas cost $40.00 for one year and $80.00 for five years.

Can I go to India right now?

Yes. For those in possession of tourist or e-tourist visas, travel to India for leisure and other transient reasons has resumed in full.

Are visas to India still suspended?

All current visas have been reinstated with immediate effect, with the exception of electronic visas (e-Visas), tourist visas, and medical visas, which are still suspended. If the visa has expired, the foreign citizen may apply for a new visa at the relevant Indian mission or post in the appropriate category.

Do you need Covid test to fly to India?

Along with your self-declaration form, you must provide your supporting paperwork. Those who do not meet the requirements or who lack the necessary paperwork must submit the results of a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours after departure. If your papers are not uploaded, you will not be permitted to board your aircraft.

How much is a 30 day tourist visa for India?

What are the costs and processing times for an electronic visa for India? Although we at charge a processing fee, the 30 day e Visa is free to use. The government charges USD 43.05 for a one-year visa and USD 84.05. for a five-year visa.

Can I stay in India for 6 months?

Length of Stay The maximum period of stay in India is 6 months (180 days) each visit, regardless of the validity of the visa. Tourist visas are not eligible for extension of stay or conversion to another kind of visa.

What is the penalty for overstaying in India?

Simply said, overstaying your visa’s validity in India may result in a fine, up to five years in jail, and potentially expulsion from the country.

Can I apply for an Indian visa online?

An online travel authorization called the Indian eVisa makes it easier to get a visa to visit India. After filling out an online form with the traveler’s personal information and passport information, the Indian electronic visa may be swiftly received.

How can I get visa online?

Indian government Apply online at Securely complete and submit the visa application form. document submission Send your application and the necessary paperwork to the Indian Mission or the Indian Visa Application Center. Get your passport and visa. Pick up your passport or visa there. Visa application center at the Indian Mission.

How LONG american CITIZEN can stay in India?

E-visa for tourists from the US to India The American Indian Tourist e-Visa is valid for a full year beginning on the day it is issued. It permits numerous entries into India during this time for US nationals. Up to 90 days at a time, Americans are permitted to visit India.

Is quarantine required for international travel in India?

if the traveller has a COVID 19 negative test result from a lab that has been approved by ICM within 02 days of departure, 14 days. There will be a test at 8 PM and an institutional quarantine until the test results.

Is visa for India Open?

Holders of valid visas and eVisas who satisfy the COVID-19 entry conditions may once again enter India. After the restriction was lifted on Monday, regularly scheduled foreign flights have resumed. Foreign visitors may now visit India with a valid eVisa if they fulfill all the existing conditions.

How much does a 10 year visa to India cost?

For $100, US residents may get a 10-year-long tourist visa to India. They must pay $160 for a 12-month single-entry business visa to India and $270 for a multiple-entry business visa to India with a 10-year validity term.

How safe is India?

HIGH RISK GENERALLY Despite being a generally secure nation, India has both more and less hazardous locations because of its vastness. You must always be on the lookout for danger.

Can I travel to India on tourist visa?

U.S. citizens may apply for an electronic travel authorization at least four days before their arrival in place of applying for a tourist visa at an Indian embassy or consulate if they want to go to India just for leisure and have a stay of no more than 60 days.

Can OCI holders travel to India right now?

Travel to India is permitted for all OCI & PIO card holders (in any nation). All current visas will be reinstated as of October 21, 2020, with the exception of electronic visas (e-Visa), tourist visas, and medical visas, which remained suspended.

Is India eVisa free?

Since the application procedure started in October, not many applicants have taken advantage of India’s initiative to provide up to 500,000 free electronic visas for travel.

How does a British citizen get a visa for India?

You have the option to apply online for an eVisa as a citizen of the UK. You may get your visa in a few days by completing the online application, paying the cost, and providing the necessary paperwork. Simply print it off and bring it with you to the airport.

What is difference between tourist visa and entry visa?

An entrance permit is not a real visa; rather, it is authorization to let you enter a certain country, while a tourist visa enables you to enter and stay in your chosen country for up to six months. This is the major distinction between an entry visa and a tourist visa.

How do they know if you overstay your visa?

Records of travel Knowing whether they have overstayed their visas is rather simple for foreign nationals in the United States. They just have to check their I-94 arrival and departure cards, which make it very obvious how long they may remain.

Can I stay in India more than 30 days on tourist visa?

Travelers with tourist visas are now permitted to remain in India for a maximum of 30 days, according to the Indian government. Additionally, the visa has a 120-day use window otherwise it will expire. The Indian government has also changed the visa such that it is now a “single-entry” visa.

How long does it take to get an exit visa in India?

Exit Permit Visa Processing Time: After receiving the required paperwork, payment, and information, your application will be processed in 7 to 10 days. The email address supplied in the visa application would get a response when the procedure was finished.

How long does it take to get an Indian visa online?

How much time does it take to get an India tourist visa? Online applications are the fastest method to get an India tourist visa. Travelers should apply at least 4 business days in advance to give themselves enough time for processing, even though many get their granted eVisas in less than 24 hours.

Can I apply for visa myself?

Applying for a visa on your own may be rather intimidating, and you run the risk of being rejected. Hiring a migration specialist might save you time, but it is an added investment. So don’t be reluctant to let a migration agency start the visa application process.

What all documents are required for visa?

Information that must be included with a visa application The applicant’s name. the birthdate. number on a passport. Profession. dates of your trip and your stay in your destination nation. Contact information for the destination nation.


The “india tourist visa open date” is a question that many people have asked. The answer to the question is that India has a lot of different types of visas, and each one will provide you with a specific list of countries in which it can be used.

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