How Do I Get a Free Travel Pass in Ireland?

Similarly, What age are you entitled to free travel in Ireland?

age 66 or older

Also, it is asked, What age do you get the free bus pass in Ireland?

66 years of age or older

Secondly, What does P mean on free travel pass?

individually qualified

Also, Can pensioners get free train travel?

trains, trams, and buses With your Older Person’s Freedom Pass, you may use TfL services for free starting at 9:00 on weekdays and at any time on weekends and holidays.

People also ask, What do pensioners get free in Ireland?

The allowance for electricity. The Natural Gas Permit. The allowance for electricity (group account). The allowance for refilling gas bottles.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Irish Ferries accept free travel pass?

This route is subject to standard bus charges, and free travel tickets are accepted. To see the schedule and route, please click here.

At what age do you get a bus pass in Northern Ireland?

60 years or older

Does Kavanagh bus take free travel pass?

Do JJ Kavanagh & Sons accept complimentary transportation passes? On all services, except college services, we do take complimentary travel passes.

Does Irish free travel pass work in UK?

No, there are distinct free travel programs for England, Scotland, and Wales from Ireland. Irish free travel cards are only valid for travel between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. An Irish free bus ticket is still a highly successful social initiative even if it is ineffective in England.

Does everyone get a Public Service Card?

When you get a PPS number, a Public Services Card is often issued. You will be required to register for your Public Services Card if you apply for or are already receiving a social welfare payment (including Child Benefit). See “Where to apply” below if you don’t already have a Public Services Card.

Can I use my travel pass on a train?

Does my travel pass allow me to ride trains for free? No. The program saves you around one-third on bus travel exclusively. Trains cannot be entered with the card.

Does everyone need a Public Service Card?

Since June 2017, if you want to take the Driver Theory Test, you must have a Public Services Card. Since April 9, 2018, you may, but are not required to, use the PSC as identification while applying for a driver’s license or learner’s permit.

What age is a senior ticket?

Age and discount restrictions vary across theaters. Child tickets are often only accessible to children under two years old, while senior tickets are usually available to those over 65. However, certain theaters may impose extra age limits or require the usage of a separate age break.

Who qualifies for a Senior Railcard?

sixty years or older

What is the difference between 60+ and Freedom Pass?

Is the 60+ Oyster Card the same as the Freedom Pass? Unlike the 60+ Oyster card, which is intended for persons over 60, the Freedom Pass is tailored exclusively to benefit retirees. People over 66 are qualified for a Freedom Pass since the eligibility requirements are based on the Women’s State Pension Age.

How much is the old age pension in Ireland 2021?

The full State Pension (Contributory) is now worth €12,912 per year, or €248.30 per week, as of October 2021. If you completely qualify, the Irish State Pension will provide you a foundational level of retirement income.

Is TV licence free for pensioners Ireland?

Even if they are not receiving one of the qualifying payments, a person between the ages of 66 and 70 may still be eligible for a free TV license under the HBP. The Department of Social Protection will assess all of your income sources as part of a means test that you must pass.

What are over 70s entitled to in Ireland?

Your energy or gas payment and TV license are partially covered by the Household Benefits Package (HBP). A home may only have one recipient of the Package. If you are 70 years old or older, you are eligible for the household benefits package. The package is not means-tested, and you don’t have to get a state pension.

Can I use my UK bus pass in Ireland?

Can I use my senior bus pass from the UK in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland? No, just as a pass granted in Northern Ireland cannot be used in England, neither can a pass issued in England be used in Northern Ireland.

Can I use free travel pass to Aran Islands?

The Free Travel Pass may only be used by the identified individual; you may not authorize usage by anyone else. You must always present your Free Ride Pass to the ferry operator for review in order to travel for free.

Can I use my free travel pass in London?

Residents of London are entitled to free local bus rides within the country as well as unlimited travel on trams, National Rail services, the Underground, river services, and buses inside the city. If any of the following applies to you and you reside in London, you may apply for a Freedom Pass: You now qualify for a state pension.

Is Luas free for pensioners?

All passengers must have a valid ticket or pass in order to travel on Luas infrastructure or on Luas trams. If you have a Public Services Free Travel Pass or a Pensioners’ Public Services Free Travel Pass, you may ride the Luas for free. Passengers using these passes are not limited in terms of when they may travel.

Can I get a free Oyster card at 60?

You may use an Oyster photocard to travel for free on our transportation services if you are 60 years of age or older and a resident of a London borough.

Can I use my free bus pass anywhere in the UK?

My bus pass is valid where? You should be able to use your bus pass if you are traveling to other locations since it is valid for use on all registered bus services within England. Scotland and Wales* do not accept it.

Can I use public transport in Ireland?

Buses, DART, Luas, and rail are all part of Ireland’s TFI public transportation system. There are several advantages to using public transportation whether going to work, school, or on business, including less traffic, quicker travel times, and cost savings.

Can I use Leap card on JJ Kavanagh?

The JJ Kavanagh & Sons 737 Naas – Dublin CityDublin Airport Service now accepts Leap Card as a form of payment for the purchase of single tickets. Our top priorities are facilitating our clients’ journey and ensuring everyone’s safety. We are excited to offer another another kind of contactless payment in light of this.

Does JJ Kavanagh take bus pass?

The latest practical method of paying for travel across all of our services is the JJ Kavanagh & Sons Smartcard. It is a plastic Smartcard that can store weekly bus tickets and pay as you go travel credits.

Do pensioners get free travel in UK?

When you attain State Pension age in England, you may get a bus ticket for unlimited free travel. When you reach the age of 60, you may travel for free on buses, tubes, and other forms of public transportation in London, but only inside London. When you turn 60, you may purchase a bus pass in Wales.

Can Irish live in UK after Brexit?

Irish nationals who want to remain in the UK You do not need to submit an application to the EU Settlement Scheme if you are an Irish national and want to remain residing in the UK. The Common Travel Area agreement safeguards your rights to reside, work, and use public services in the UK.

Can you use your bus pass in Northern Ireland?

Transportation discounts You may travel anywhere in Northern Ireland for free on any Translink bus, train, or coach service when you have a 60+ SmartPass.

What is a PSC card in Ireland?

When using public services in Ireland, a Public Services Card may be used as identification. Regarding such services, it may help prevent identity theft. To get registered with SAFE, a person must live in Ireland. Only Irish addresses will get a Public Services Card (PSC).

What is a national ID card Ireland?

An Irish passport card is what? Irish nationals may substitute the Irish passport card for the normal passport book in several circumstances. It features a SealCrypt strip and is about the size of a credit card. A valid Irish passport book is required to get a passport card.

Who is eligible for Freedom Pass?

When may someone apply for a Freedom Pass? If you were 60 years of age or older on April 6, 2010, you are immediately eligible for a Freedom Pass. However, the Freedom Pass qualifying age has raised to correspond with the 66-year-old pension age.


The “free travel pass application form” is a tool that can be used to apply for the Irish Travel Pass. The application process is easy and should take no more than 2 minutes.

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