How Do I Check Southwest Travel Funds?

Similarly, How do I keep track of Southwest travel funds?

Visit the “Check Travel Money” tab on the Southwest website to keep track of your travel funds manually. You must include the reservation’s confirmation number as well as the passenger’s first and last names. You can also check the remaining value of gift cards and Southwest LUV coupons on this page.

Also, it is asked, How do I find Southwest travel funds without confirmation number?

In reference to Travel Funds without Confirmation Number Search for May 2016 in your email account by typing southwest into the search bar. Alternatively, give Southwest Airlines a call and tell them what credit card you would have used to buy the ticket. The amount and conformation number ought to be available from them.

Secondly, How do I see expired Southwest travel funds?

The conformation numbers are the only thing you need to look for. Click on Flight/Hotel/Car from the Southwest homepage, then choose Manage Reservation and View Travel Funds.

Also, How do I find my travel funds confirmation number?

You might try contacting reservations; if you give them your credit card information over the phone, they should be able to check up your canceled flight confirmation number. Their phone number is 1800-435-9792; if they are unable to assist you or locate it, call customer relations at 855-234-4654.

People also ask, Can I use travel funds to purchase early bird check in?

These monies may only be used to cover future flights; they CANNOT BE USED FOR EARLY BIRD. Additionally, the expiry date cannot be earlier than the days of your trip.

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How do I convert travel funds to Southwest Points 2021?

After logging in, you’ll find the link at the top of your Southwest account. Southwest will award you 1 Southwest point for every 1.28 cents of travel dollars that you have. You may exchange $50 for 3,906 Southwest points if you have a trip budget.

What if I lost my Southwest confirmation number?

You may quickly retrieve your confirmation number by doing some online searching with the assistance of our Customer Support and Services Representatives (1-800-I-FLY-SWA). Ask them to confirm the email address you provided when you speak with them so we can be sure it is accurate.

How do I keep Southwest travel funds from expiring?

The expiry date of travel money is never extended by Southwest. The best course of action is to wait until they expire, at which point you should phone Customer Relations and request that they be reissued as LUV Vouchers. The remaining of the cash will be used to pay the $100 cost for this.

Can someone else use my Southwest travel funds?

You may transfer your flight credit to another person if it is transferrable. Only one transfer is allowed, and both parties must be Rapid Rewards members. The ticket’s expiry date is 12 months from the day it was purchased.

Can I refund my travel fund?

Do not forget to submit your refund or travel money request within thirty (30) days of the original departure date. After thirty (30) days, requests for refunds or travel funds won’t be honored, and the trip will be regarded as a lost opportunity.

Can I convert Southwest travel funds to points?

Your travel fund must expire on September 7, 2022 in order to be eligible for the points conversion. Additionally, the name on the Rapid Rewards account and the trip fund must be the same.

Will Southwest extend LUV voucher?

love coupons that run out in January. Southwest will not extend the validity of their love coupons, as several commenters have mentioned.

How do I use Southwest travel funds?

To utilize those money, book your ticket online as usual, but instead of paying with a credit card, choose “Southwest gift card, Travel Funds, or Southwest LUV Voucher” from the drop-down menu. The amount is then determined by entering your name and reservation confirmation number again.

How do I find my Southwest voucher number?

Each LUV Voucher contains a security code and a 16-digit voucher number. When making a reservation on, you may input them as a method of payment in the booking flow shown below. If you’re making a phone reservation, you may also provide a Southwest Agent the voucher number and security code.

Where is the confirmation number for Southwest Airlines?

Regarding: Confirmation number It is the six-digit (letters and numbers) code that was on your confirmation email from Southwest when you purchased the ticket. If you have that email from Southwest, the confirmation number will be on there, as you have probably already guessed.

Can I use Southwest travel funds for food?

Trip funds may only be used for the original passenger’s future travel, including airfare and taxes and fees (s)

How do I know if I have early bird check in?

If you have EarlyBird Check-In, there will be a little sunrise symbol under the “Extrascolumn on the webpage next to the passenger name.

Can I use travel funds to purchase early bird check in on Southwest?

Travel money cannot be used to pay for Upgraded Boarding or purchase EarlyBird Check-In, but they may be used to rebook and convert a Wanna Get Away ticket to an Anytime or Business Select fare.

Can I convert Southwest travel funds to points 2022?

When Southwest announced that some travel coupons are extended until September and subsequently that those travel vouchers may be converted to Rapid Rewards points, it maintained this trend of customer-friendly rules.

Can I use my Southwest travel funds for a hotel?

Re: Can I pay for a hotel using travel funds? Nope. Only the person who was initially booked on the flight is eligible to use it for air travel.

Why can’t I find my Southwest reservation?

We are unable to find your reservation in our database; it’s possible that it was canceled. Please call a Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent for help at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA if you’re still having problems (1-800-435-9792)

Does Southwest have live chat?

When does Live Chat start? Between the hours of 6:00am and 8:00pm Central Standard Time, live chat is accessible. By dialing 1-800-435-9792, a customer representative is also available around-the-clock.

Can you get an extension on travel funds Southwest?

The travel funds cannot be extended until beyond the expiry date for Southwest travelers.

Can you cancel a flight booked with travel funds?

As long as the cancellation complied with our No-Show Policy, which stipulates that a flight must be cancelled more than 10 minutes before to its planned departure time, funds are reusable. Refundable: We provide refunds on our Anytime and Business Select fares.

Can my wife use my Southwest travel funds?

Yes, you can turn your trip cash into a universally valid voucher.

Can I use my Southwest travel funds for my husband?

No, the original booked passenger is tied to the trip money. It has been said that you will be able to convert them to RR points at some point, allowing you to utilize them for anybody.

Can I give my travel credit to someone else?

Travel vouchers cannot be transferred, exchanged, sold, or bartered. However, if done without selling or exchanging the certificate, the initial receiver may make travel arrangements for another individual.

How do I transfer travel funds to my GetGo account?

Select the Trip Fund tab to utilize the travel budget (5th and last tab to the right). You may see your travel fund balance and the amount that will be applied to the booking, provided that you are signed into your GetGo account. Your Travel Fund will be kept in Cebu Pacific’s system under your reservation if you are not a GetGo member.

Are travel vouchers transferable?

As long as the individual whose name appears on the voucher is flying on the same reservation, Transportation Credit Vouchers may be transferred to another traveler.

Can I sell my Southwest LUV voucher?

Southwest LUV Gift Cards Are They For Sale? According to Southwest Airlines’ regulation, consumers are not allowed to sell the coupon. The corporation may take action against the individual in violation of the rules if they sell your voucher or transfer it to someone else. Only the account holder is authorized to redeem vouchers.


The “southwest airlines” is a company that provides air travel services. You can check your account balance by going to the website and entering your email address.

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