How Do I Become a Travel Agent for Disney?

Similarly, How much does a Disney travel agent make?

How much money will I make? You’ll get 60% of the total commission from the agency. For example, if the agency is paid a regular 10% commission on a $4000 trip ($400), you would get 60% ($240) as the travel agent.

Also, it is asked, How do I become a Disney travel agent?

To work as a Disney specialist travel agent, you must first join an authorized travel agency that has been approved by Disney as a travel vendor. Park Savers is one of the simplest firms to join online since you can usually begin training the same day and be ready to book within 24-48 hours.

Secondly, Is it free to become a Disney travel agent?

These agencies are often more interested in generating money off of you right away than in making you a “valued team member.” Your host agency should always give training at no cost to you. A minor technology fee or E&O insurance is charged by most Disney travel firms.

Also, Can you be a Disney travel agent without an agency?

To be clear, any travel agency, whether or whether they operate via a host firm, may offer Disney vacation packages. To offer Disney holidays, you don’t have to be an independent Disney travel agent. However, if you like Disney, you may want to think about it!

People also ask, How do I get started as a travel agent?

Here’s where you should begin: Make an effort to educate oneself. Working on your business, sales, and communication skills is a good idea. Make a business strategy. Concentrate on one area of expertise. Joining a host agency, consortium, or franchise group is a good idea. Create and advertise your own brand. Become a member of the ACTA or ASTA. Subscribing to Travel Market Report is a great way to stay up to date

Related Questions and Answers

Is being a Disney travel agent worth it?

Yes, it may be enjoyable and fulfilling, but it requires hard hours, and you should be compensated for your efforts. Each Disney Specialized Travel Agency has its own compensation structure, although the majority of them give you commission.

Can I work from home as a Disney travel agent?

We are the first Disney-only agency, with over 25 years of experience in making Disney holiday fantasies come true. Many industry magazines, including [email protected], Travel Weekly, Travel Trade, Modern Agent, Seatrade Insider, and the Washington Post, have covered our Agency and Work From Home program.

Do Disney travel agents get commission on tickets?

Disney’s largest attraction, with the most Disney hotels, theme parks, and guests, is Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World is the foundation of most Disney-focused travel agencies. On most packages and room-only bookings, Walt Disney World charges a ten percent fee, net of taxes.

Can you work for Disney from home?

Remote employees are currently being sought by the Disney Store. Getty Images/Spencer Platt INSIDER REPORT The Disney Store is seeking remote customer support workers in a variety of locations around the United States. Employees will provide assistance to visitors over the phone and through email.

What are the perks of being a Disney travel agent?

Earn Money by Taking Your Own Vacations. Yes, organizing your own holidays may make you money! Incentives for booking. Tours of the property and the ship Assist in sales and marketing. Work from the comfort of your own home. Discounts at Disney Resorts. Discounts at off-site resorts. Theme park tickets at a discount or for free.

Does Disney offer travel agent discounts?

With new Walt Disney World Travel Agency Appreciation Program incentives, travel advisers will have the chance to see the resort this year. Qualified travel advisers who have completed the College of Disney Knowledge course are eligible for a one-day or 10-day reduced park ticket.

Can you be a Disney travel agent part-time?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to become a Disney travel agent, and the criteria and expectations differ according on your objectives, the agency’s standards, and your area. Some ambitious travel agents prefer to work part-time to organize vacations for their friends and family, while others want to make it their full-time job.

How much does it cost to become a travel agent?

Nearly 40% (87 out of 218) believed it would cost less than $5,000, and nearly a third (29%) said it would cost between $5,000 and $10,000. The only other option that was above 10% was $10,000 to $20,000. The great majority of the advisors who responded to the study had worked in the industry for more than ten years (170 out of the 218)

How do travel agents get paid?

A travel agency earns money by collecting fees for various aspects of the journey. Instead of charging a commission for booking airline tickets or hotel rooms, travel agencies make money by collecting a service charge for each phase of the transaction.

How do you become a Disney influencer?

The simplest option is to send an e-mail to the Disney World Public Relations person and request tickets. This is quite simple, particularly because they have a public relations strategy that you can review and see precisely what you need to accomplish.

How do I become a travel agent from home for free?

Here is a step-by-step approach to become a free independent travel agent. Create a business strategy. Take a look at travel agent training programs. Investigate the Travel Industry and Proven Travel Agents. Determine your niche in the travel industry. Consider working with a Host Travel Agency.

Is becoming a home based travel agent a good idea?

Many individuals dream of working from home as a travel agent, and with good reason. Travel agents have the advantage of working from home and choosing their own hours, as well as the great advantages of travel and airline privileges that come with the job.

Do Disney planners get paid?

Disney pays commission to authorized Disney Vacation Planners on the vacations they plan, so you normally don’t have to pay anything more.

How long does it take to get hired by Disney?

The length of time it takes to fill a post is determined by the position and the number of persons being hired. Sometimes you’ll get employed straight away, and other times you’ll have to wait two or three weeks for a response. A Disney evaluation exam is required for several employment.

How much does a magical vacation planner make?

The average compensation for a Magical Vacation Planner is $1,454,739, with salaries ranging from $1,279,795 to $1,648,533. Individual wages will, of course, vary based on the position, department, and location, as well as each employee’s specific abilities and education.

Do Disney travel agents give gifts?

They’ve helped over 300,000 customers arrange their Disney holidays since 1996. When you book with Small World Vacations, you will always get useful planning material and literature. There is never a fee for their assistance. In addition, they often provide unique gifts and incentives.

What are Disney travel agents called?

They are committed and seasoned Disney travelers known as “Magic Makers” for their unequaled expertise and great customer service. Destination Magic’s agents are travel experts, not simply folks who book Disney in their leisure time, which distinguishes them as the top Disney trip planners.

Do Disney Store employees get free tickets?

Walt Disney World rewards its staff with free admission to all of their parks as well as additional visitor passes. Aside from that, Disney World workers get a lot of discounts on exclusive items, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, and other things.

Does Disney have overnight workers?

Making magic is a round-the-clock job. Around 1,500 cast members perform the “Third Shift,” or evening shift. Some people have been working this nocturnal schedule for years. The Disneyland Resort is highlighting the Third Shift on February 3 as part of their celebration of all they accomplish.

Do Disney travel agents make good money?

According to GlassDoor, the typical Disney travel agency income in 2021 will be $43,000, making this a desirable profession for Disney fans.

How do I become a travel reviewer?

Many hotel reviewer roles are filled directly by the hotel’s parent company, so starting with the bigger corporations is a smart place to start. Others begin by starting a blog and visiting hotels in their neighborhood, then expanding until their site earns enough money to allow them to travel full-time.

What do Disney planners do?

An approved Disney trip planner will handle any modifications you need or contact Disney on your behalf for any reason. Take advantage of the services of a professional who will wait on hold for you and handle any changes that arise.

What is a CLIA card?

The CLIA card, issued by the Cruise Lines International Association, is your travel agency identity card that shows your CLIA membership. It enables you to identify yourself as a CLIA member to travel providers.


If you’re interested in becoming a Disney Travel Agent, the first step is to attend a Disney College Program. The next step is to apply for your job with Disney. If you’ve already had experience as a travel agent and want to become one with no experience, there are still ways to do it.

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