How Did Akkun Know About Time Travel?

Similarly, Did Akkun push Takemichi the first time?

Takemichi time traveled for the first time when Naoto grabbed his hand and drew him away from the train tracks. Akkun was slumped down in his seat, his pompadour matted with blood that continued to drip down his brow.

Also, it is asked, How did Takemichi first time travel?

Takemichi Hanagaki’s first train journey occurs by chance when he stumbles into the tracks and is almost struck by a train. Takemichi, instead of being struck by a train, went from 2017 to 2005 on the same day and month. Changing into an adolescent Takemichi while keeping his future knowledge.

Secondly, Can Takemichi see the future?

Foresight. Takemichi has a future vision of Senju Kawaragi’s demise after meeting with her. This power’s current limitations and trigger are unknown.

Also, Did Takemichi save Hina?

Takemichi’s final time travel with Naoto ended in Hina’s survival and the rescue of Toman. Except for Mikey, it was a pleasant conclusion for everyone. Mikey has always placed his friends’ needs ahead of his own, so it’s upsetting, but not unexpected, to witness him trek down a dark road alone.

People also ask, Who pushed Takemichi onto the train?

Toman is such sort of group, according to Akkun. Takemichi was shoved to the rails by Akkun. …

Related Questions and Answers

Why did Takemichi and Hina break up?

When he was 14, he was continuously anxious about her and unconcerned about his own. He remembers taking her for granted in the past, which was one of the elements that contributed to their split. Hina is one of Takemichi’s few sources of assistance.

Does Chifuyu know that Takemichi can time travel?

Takemichi then reveals to Chifuyu that he is a time traveler and describes his adventures to her. Chifuyu admits that he has always suspected Takemichi of being a time traveler and praises him for attempting to save everyone.

Does Takemichi save everyone?

Takemichi has rescued three individuals in Tokyo Revengers. During Takemichi’s time travel, the Tokyo Revengers protagonist sobbed in front of young Naoto, warning him of an impending assassination attempt. Naoto became a detective as a result of this knowledge and was able to avert death.

What happens if Takemichi dies in the past?

If Naoto dies in the past, Takemichi will most likely be trapped in the past for the remainder of his life. In other words, Takemichi would replay his history while being fully cognizant of future occurrences. Another possibility is that Takemichi will be unable to rescue Hinata.

Is Takemichi stronger than Mikey?

Takemichi’s major strength is his tenacity; he may not be as powerful as Mikey and the others, but his almost indestructible will is priceless.

Does Takemichi bring Baji back to Toman?

Takemichi strikes a deal with Mikey to bring Baji back to Toman and have Kisaki removed not long after.

Why did Baji punch Takemichi?

Due to an internal disagreement, Baji is no longer permitted to attend meetings. He uses his assault on Takemichi as a reason to leave Toman and go to Valhalla, declaring himself Toman’s adversary.

Does kisaki time travel?

Throughout the tale, Kisaki has shown his exceptional intelligence, foiling Takemichi’s schemes several times despite the latter’s ability to time travel. He has successfully manipulated a slew of prominent criminals to do his bidding and act as stepping stones.

Does Senju like Takemichi?

Despite not having met in prior timelines, Senju and Takemichi form a strong friendship. He was initially her aim due to his required affiliation with Brahman, which would aid the gang in fighting Manjiro Sano and the Kanto Manji Gang, but as they hang out and become friends, she begins to trust him.

Does Baji care about Chifuyu?

Matsuno Chifuyu Baji has faith in his subordinate. Chifuyu trusts Baji so much that he lets him violently beat him in order for him to deceive Valhalla into embracing him. Chifuyu and Baji first met in school, when Chifuyu ridiculed Baji about his dorky appearance.

Does Mikey care about Takemichi?

Mikey has said that Takemichi reminds him of his departed brother, who, despite his average combat skills, was brave in war and a great leader. Mikey learns to depend on Takemichi emotionally over time. He is the light that keeps Mikey from succumbing to the darkness.

Is Baji a traitor?

Baji made the ultimate sacrifice for Tokyo Manji and his closest pals. Mikey’s beloved Moped Hawk Maru was defended by Baji from a group who was angry with Mikey, and he was beaten up. Baji is likewise prepared to be dubbed a “traitor” in order to save Tokyo Manji from becoming a bad organization.

How old is Takemichi in 2005?

Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old freeter, discovers that his middle school ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto had been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi teleports precisely 12 years into the past to 2005 when he is shoved in front of a train.

Who is stronger izana or Mikey?

Capabilities and skills Izana Kurokawa is Tenjiku’s boss, which means he commands all of his subordinates. He is revealed to be the strongest member of the Tenjiku Gang and to be able to battle Mikey on an equal footing at first.

Who is the strongest Tokyo Revenger character?

1) Sano Manjir (Mikey) Mikey’s moniker, “Invincible,” is well-deserved being the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers. In the past, he was the leader of Toman, and in the future, he will be the head of the Kanto Manji gang. Mikey has never lost a battle, no matter how powerful or huge the opponent.

Who killed Draken?

Draken, a former vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang who is now a member of Brahman, died after protecting Takemichi from an assassination attempt by Rokuhara Tandai members.

How did Takemichi beat Kiyomasa?

Takemichi was forced to participate as part of the battles Kiyomasa was arranging, but he was knocked out in a single punch, for which Kiyomasa subsequently thrashed him.

How tall is manjiro Sano?

162 cm in height He is the founder and head of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

How old is Mitsuya?

Mitsuya was born in the year J. Mitsuya will be 27 years old in the future. His mother and two younger siblings are known to him, but his mother’s name is unknown. Luna and Manna, his sisters, first debuted in Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 84.

Why did Baji betray Toman?

Baji disguises his departure from Toman as a desire to go to Valhalla. In actuality, he’s entering Valhalla to learn more about Kisaki, since Baji is suspicious of him. He even beats up on Chifuyu, one of his closest pals, to prove his “loyalty” to Valhalla.


Akkun killed himself because he was afraid of the future. He knew that if he did not kill himself, then Akkun would be killed by someone else in the future.

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